Why You Need to Hire Someone to Manage Your Website.

Website Maintenance Services

There are close to a million website “builders” on the web today, and several more popping up every minute. A few of the bigger companies have started “white labeling” their drag-and-drop site builders; meaning several companies are offering the exact same website builder, just under a different name, and at different pricing structures. There are more than a few problems with using these DIY builders to make your site, and you can read about them here, but one of the biggest complaints with these services is the lack of support. Once you build out your website, you had better hope you don’t ever encounter a problem, and if you do, good luck getting the site builder company you used to help you.

RedSix Digital doesn’t just design and build websites, we also maintain them. For the record, not every customer wants this service, and while we hope to convince our clients otherwise, we respect the customer’s right to forego this option…. until they inevitably come asking for help.

We recently had a client who contacted us because their email wasn’t working. We soon discovered that the problem had nothing to do with us. Through a series of unfortunate circumstances, their domain had expired due to a credit card misunderstanding. Since his email wasn’t working, he never got the notice that they were putting his domain up for sale. More importantly, for a short time, his domain name was available for purchase, and his website was down for almost 24 hours.

There are opportunists lurking in cyberspace who look for situations like this. They pounce on unprotected, established domain names which can now be purchased for a fraction of what they are worth to the business which previously owned it. These unscrupulous individuals then offer to sell back the domain name for, say, $10K. If you are the owner of a business which has spent years establishing itself through this website, where all your business email and product transactions are handled, you have no real choice but to pay it. It happens quite a bit.

If you don’t believe me, read this article on CNN about a guy who bought the domain GOOGLE.com for $12 dollars in 2015 and sold it back to them for $12,000. They got off lucky.

This is just one example of what can happen when you go it alone in website maintenance. Look, you’re a pro at your business. You spent years building it, perfecting your craft, growing your client base, and getting better at it every day. What didn’t you do? You didn’t spend all those years learning how to build and manage websites; unless your business is a web design firm. That’s what we did.

There is a lot that goes into managing a website. Consider just a few of the regular tasks associated with maintaining a website:

  • Application Updates

Third party CMS Applications regularly need updating, along with security revisions, malware scans, security issues, and managing server issues. Do you have the time and knowledge for this and the management of your day-to-day business operations as well?

  • Backup

Backing up your website daily, including your database and all your files, is just common sense. If the server crashes or your site gets hacked, a web hosting company will provide very limited if any assistance. We’ve had countless clients come to us only after losing their entire website and all their data to malware, only to be told by their host or DIY company that there is nothing they can do. We back up every single website on our server twice a day, every day. Yes, even Christmas.

  • Track Site Speed

If it takes more than a couple of seconds to pull up your site, you’ve lost business. This has to be closely observed, maintained, and optimized. Don’t know how to do this? Don’t worry, we do, and we’ll do it for you.

  • Fix Crashes

Stuff happens. Chances are, this is more a question of when it will happen, not if it will happen. Pinpointing the underlying cause of the crash (code, malware, and web host issues) is only half the problem. You still need to fix it. And time lost is money lost.

Although it may seem that you will save money by maintaining the site yourself, one miscue can cost you thousands of dollars and many lost hours of work. At RedSix Digital, we build a lasting partnership with our clients. Whether you already have an existing site or are building a new one, our support programs will provide you with peace of mind. With us you’ll find domain management, website maintenanceapplication managementhotline supportmentoring, training, and consultation at a cost you can afford. Intrigued? Let’s set up a free strategy call.

Don’t go it alone. The risks are too great.

Ryan Ragland is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of RedSix Digital, a leading Web Development and Digital Marketing firm in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Atlanta, Georgia. RedSix Digital specializes in helping businesses of all sizes grow their business through Web Design, SEO, and Digital Marketing with an emphasis in achieving a high ROI. Follow him on Twitter @TheRyanRagland.

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